Dr. Ratnesh Sahay

Director of Semantic Technologies - data42


Dr. Ratnesh Sahay has over 17 years of scientific, technical & business career in building and leading (data) metadata products and analytics platforms (end-to-end) for accelerating "Intend to Insight” in healthcare, clinical trial, real world data (RWD) and omics data-ecosystems. His research interests are in areas of technology and innovation devising intelligent data analytics and integration technologies for efficient clinical decision making, clinical trials, prevention and early-detection of disease, and ultimately realising precision medicine in the clinical use. He has been active and leading several European and National (Irish) R&D projects with emphasis on eHealth and Semantic Interoperability. He has published 50+ peer-reviewed articles in journals, books, conferences and workshop contributions; and provided tutorials in several international conferences. He is a member of the W3C OWL 2, W3C HCLS, and HL7 OWL working groups. Dr. Sahay has been the coordinator as well as the scientific and technical coordinator of large-scale European Union (EU) funded projects such SIFEM and Linked2Safety. Dr. Sahay is the lead architect and innovator of the Plug and Play Electronic Patient Records (PPEPR) software platform which has been licensed by a healthcare solution provider company SlidePath – now acquired by Leica Microsystems – based in Dublin. Dr. Sahay is involved in developing a Web Ontology Language (OWL) based clinical model for the Health Level Seven (HL7) standard. He has developed a clinical trial interoperability prototype for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for describing intelligent exclusion and inclusion criteria in efficient patient recruitment during the phase-iii clinical trials. Dr. Sahay is contributing in the W3C Potential Drug-Drug Interactions (PDDI) working group for developing standards, models, and technologies to document, represent, exchange and reason about patient safety which comes from exposure to two or more drugs that are known to interact. Dr. Sahay has significantly contributed within the EU funded RIDE project in defining a roadmap for integration of Electronic Health Records (EHRs) across EU member states.


Supervision of PhD theses

[2015 - Finished]

[2016 - Finishing]

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[2016 - Finished]

Research projects


Role:  Project Leader/  Duration:  2016 - 2019

BIOOPENER is a data-interlinked platform that enables automated discovery of data linkages, associations, querying, and analytics over large-scale cancer and biomedical repositories to under the cancer progression.

Connected Health

Role:  Research Unit Leader, Insight NUI Galway/  Duration:  2013 - 2018

A project on applying Semantic Web & Linked Data technologies in combination with a new generation of sensors and sensor-based feedback, and the ability to analyse real-time personal health data, to change how individuals manage their own personal health, while allowing clinicians a greater opportunity to diagnose, treat, and manage an individual’s healthcare needs.


Role:  Coordinator/  Duration:  2013 - 2016

Current modelling methods do not capture the underlying semantics of biosimulation models sufficiently to support building, reusing, composing and merging complex biosimulation models originating from diverse experiments. SIFEM propose an ontology based and multi-layered biosimulation model to facilitate researchers to share, integrate and collaborate their knowledge bases at Web scale. SIFEM aims to build a semantically-interlinked platform for sharing clinical data (histological data, micro-CT images of the cochlea, pathological data) and inner ear Finite Element (FE) simulation models.


Role:  Technical Coordinator/  Duration:  2011 - 2014

Respecting patients’ anonymity is crucial while analysing data including genetic, environmental, medical observation, and medical history of subjects (i.e., patients) that exhibit adverse events occurring in the frame of clinical trials. This project has developed a multi-dimensional and policy based access to clinical resources (in Linked Data) ensuring patients’ anonymity during retrieving (1) subjects from multiple clinical locations, (2) drug - adverse event associations, and (3) drug - adverse event - chemical fragment associations.

Plug and Play Electronic Patient Record (PPEPR)

Role:  Coordinator/  Duration:  2006 - 2009

PPEPR system has shown that the use of Semantic Web technologies has reduced the size of alignments (or mappings) between HL7 (V2 and V3) compliant systems.

Patent: The PPEPR system (an outcome of my PhD study) has been licensed by a clinical data integration company SlidePath (now known as Leica Microsystems).

A Roadmap for Interoperability of eHealth Systems (RIDE)

Role:  Researcher/  Duration:  2005 - 2007

RIDE project has created a set of guidelines for the eHealth Communication COM 356 by coordinating various efforts on eHealth interoperability in EU member states and the associated states.

Grants and Fund Acquisition

EU FP7 Project, funding 954,929.00 €, Role:Deputy Leader

EU FP7 Project, funding 2.9 Million Euros, Role: Co-applicant & Coordinator

EU FP7 Project, funding 3.9 Million Euros, Role:Co-applicant & Technical Coordinator

EI CCS, funding 15,000 €, Role:Main applicant & PI

Patents and Licences

The outcome of my PhD study (PPEPR software) has been licensed by a healthcare solution provider company SlidePath – now acquired by Leica Microsystems – based in Dublin.